Shop Vac Cart with Sander Mount plans

€ 5,00

- After the payment is successfully completed you will be redirected to a private download page.

- Plans contain a 3D Sketchup file.

- Space for vacuum cleaner is 440x390 but with basic Sketchup skills it is scalable.

- Drawing also includes an extended version that fits Festool Vacuum Cleaners. 

june 02, 2024

Many years ago I had more time than money. It seems crazy when I think back on it but I needed a dust bin for my Oneida Dust Deputy with my Makita shop vac and I had some leftover plywood. I couldn't think of anything better than to make a barrel myself from all 1 cm slats with the sides sawn at an angle and glued together.

Today, this dust bin is far too small for today's production in the shop. I bought a 60 liter metal bin almost a year ago so it was about time to finally make myself a new shop vac cart that I can drive around the shop with wheels the size that go over cables and 5 times the capacity. All this, combined with a mount for my Festool ETS EC 150 sander and a big flat surface on top this cart will save me some time in efficiency.


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