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Big Chamfered Round Dining Table

I made a round dining table with a big chamfer underneath for a modern look. This table is made of Belgian White Oak which is similar to French Oak and American White Oak and will be placed in my dining room at my house. I used Rubio Monocoat's Smoke 5% oil as finishing. This is a pretty simple build and there's not a lot of tools required. In case you don't own a thickness planer you might be able to ask a local woodshop to use theirs. Besides a planer, all you need for this project is a router and a drill.

Mobile Workbench & Router Table

A major upgrade in my workshop. With an overall dimension of 1800 x 800 mm this workbench is more than twice the size of my previous 50 year old bench. Even though it takes up more space in the shop It feels like I gained more than twice the space with this bench. Fully mobile and dismountable. Including Systainer drawers, storage drawers, an MFT tabletop and a router table with integrated dust collection.

(2-part video)

Working 5 to 8

4 days a week from 5 to 8. That's my ygon MADE time. 
This clock was a quick project to take with me to the Rubio Monocoat Wood Makers Day. I upcycled a 30 y/o plastic clock with white oak and birch ply. These are basic plans with only dimensions since it's just a circle. 

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