Hi, I'm Tijl of ygon MADE.


My dad is a carpenter and told me I started to join him in the workshop at the age of 6 where the first thing I made was a clothing rack. At least that's the intention. Later on I took an education on woodworking in school where teachers succeeded in making me hate woodworking. So I changed my path and started working as an HVAC designer in 2012 as I currently still am.


Three years later it's 2015, I got homesick for woodworking and started a side hustle. Being a musician myself I started making custom guitar and bass speaker cabinets. I started a company called 'YGON cabs' being 1 of 3 custom cab companies in Belgium. 


It's 2020 and covid-19 is slowly taking over our lives. I discovered woodworking videos on YouTube like Foureyes and Bourbon Moth. Later on also Shaun Boyd Made This, Crafted Workshop, Alm Fab, Paoson,.. This made me realize, for 6 year I've been building the same product over and over again and I started to feel the need for creativity and diversity. The online woodworking community stole my heart and I decided to do some research on video shooting and editing while finishing on my last YGON cabs orders. 


2022, the name remains but with a focus on making.
'ygon MADE' is born.


I hope you'll join me on this exciting journey and I hope my videos can educate you or at least be entertaining.


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