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If you've never purchased digital plans from me, or anyone else for that matter, it's difficult to know what to expect prior to purchasing. This article aims to answer all the common questions people have pre and post purchase.

How do I purchase plans?

Digital plans can be purchased from my store, or on Etsy. The reason I sell across two different platforms is simply for diversification. However the price in Etsy is slightly higher to account for the commission Etsy take from each sale.

As for payment, I take both PayPal and Credit Cards. Cash, BACS or Cheque is not available.

Additionally, I do not offer physical copies of the plans. The files I offer are intended to be viewed digitally, or to be printed yourself.


How do I download the plans?

If you are on a desktop or a laptop, the download for the plans should automatically start immediately after purchase. If this doesn't work, you can simply press the ‘Download' button that appears after checkout. As a failsafe, you will also receive an email with a backup download link within an hour of purchasing.

Whatever method you use to access the plans, please download the files immediately as the link will eventually expire.

If you purchase the plans on a tablet or phone, the instant download can sometimes be tempremental. So it's often best to purchase and download the plans using a computor.


What files are the plans supplied as?

The plans are supplied in a compressed file known as a .zip file. To open this, I recommend moving the .zip file to a safe, dedicated folder in your computor. Then right click on it and press ‘extract here'

This may take a moment or two. But soon enough you will see the contents of the compressed file spill out into the folder you moved it into (which is why it's often best to put it in a dedicated folder first!)

Once the file has been extracted, you will notice the majority of the files are supplied as a .PDF which will be everything you need to get the project built. As a little bonus in each purchase, I also include a 3D SketchUp Model that you can use to become familiar with the end result before building it. Details for opening this can be found below.


What is included as standard?

Working Drawings (PDF)

The working drawings will be your main reference while making the project. These are supplied as an orthographic drawing (which basically means 2D) and are available in metric. Apologies, I currently do not offer my plans in imperial measurements.

To keep the plans simple, dimensions are rarely duplicated across the drawing. So if at first it look as if a measurement is missing somewhere, please consult the rest of the views first.



Construction Notes (PDF)

The construction notes will give you bespoke advice on the project in general: such as how to prepare yourself for it, what resources are available, and lessons I learnt the hard way while making it. 

Please ensure you read these in full before starting the project as they will help you greatly!



Cutting List (PDF)

A cutting list is supplied for every project, however it is essential you read the construction notes prior to following the cutting list as some components will intentionally be listed oversized. In general, cutting components to their final size early in the project is a recipe for disaster and will likely result in them being too short for the purpose you need.


SketchUp Model (SKP)

The SketchUp Model is supplied as a .skp file which is vieweable on the most recent versions of SketchUp. If however you do not have access to SketchUp, or the plans are not compatible with your version, consider using the browser version of SketchUp to open and view the files. This is completely free and easy to use.



Returns Policy

Everything you need to know about the plans prior to purchase is either listed in this article, or in the product description. For this reason, I do not offer refunds or exchanges on digital products for buyers remorse. 

However if you find an issue with the plans such as a missing dimension, or something you do not understand, please reach out to me via my contact page. I'll do my best to help.


Sample Some Plans For FREE!


If you've read this article but still have questions unanswered, consider downloading the FREE plans that I offer in my store. These will give you a comprehensive insight into what I offer, without the monetary risk. Try it below!

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